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Za-Beth-Kasim-Phaedra Rose




The following is a write up from Brandon F Johnsons blog on Miles Copeland at Raks America June 08:

Something to be said for the seasoned performers who have been part of this world of bellydance...

from the days of showgirls, showbiz, agents from the 60’s...and still going strong! 


    "Even with a crutch, Miles was able to gleeful get around as the final performer on the Sunday Open Stage was announced, as he felt the need to be the one to make her announcement. This firecracker hails out of the Boston metro area, and may go down in BDSS history as being the only woman to actually make Miles get up and dance in front of an attended audience (if not for a Chubby Checker-like twist or two for a few seconds). :)~

    Her name is Za-Beth. Well-known for her Boston Diva Pageants held annually, the decades-decorated veteran of numerous styles of bellydance genres made her presence alive and visible, commanding audience participation and showing that bellydance is indeed ageless. And, she's a wonder with zills, as she proudly displayed to numerous Spanish-language pop tunes fused with a melodic bellydance twist to the eyes and the ears. There's usually one woman, an instructor or performer in her prime years who stands out with her unusual or uncanny persona, almost a quirkiness about them that you can't define...and Za-Beth seems to fit that title and wears that crown well, wrapping up the festivities before the auditions with a four-setter that almost was as good as an unintentional workout session for those who were yanked on stage to join her, including a nice circle dance.  

 "Write up/review taken from Brandon F Johnsons blog on Raks America 2008


About Za-Beth

Za-Beth has been dancing since the mid 1960s. She traveled around the nation serving as a spot lighted dancer and backup singer during the George Abdo tour.  She is associated with The Bellydance Superstars. 


Follow the Leader~...MORE THAN A DECADE.....FOR AN ORIGINAL... 


..the art...the joy...the magic that is.. BELLYDANCE ORIENTALE"....







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